Rachel Feldhaus


Rachel is a multi-disciplinary artist originally from West Virginia. In the past two decades she has played violin in symphony orchestras, chamber music ensembles, pit orchestras, and European music festivals. She’s reciprocated her deep love of music by teaching and mentoring primary and secondary violin students, currently with the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. In college Rachel performed a variety of world music styles as well––from West African drumming and dance, Japanese Taiko, and Indonesian Gamelan, to Appalachian Bluegrass and Electronic Music.

This collection of experiences dovetailed into the appreciation of other artistic mediums, evident in her photography, painting, writing, composition, language learning, and most recently, woodworking. She is enamored with learning and connecting to others, with a strong belief in becoming a “Jackie of All Trades.” In terms of artistic development, Rachel credits the years she lived in Paris as a true helping hand. In France she became the vocalist, guitarist, and co-producer for the Australian/American surf rock band The Everly Ills. In NYC and surrounding states, she plays with multiple orchestral ensembles and frequently collaborates with other artists on their records. Rachel is in the midst of studying the ins and outs of music production while simultaneously writing her own solo album.