Lorenzo Sandi

Double Bass

Italian born bassist Lorenzo Sandi has pursued music in the realms of both classical and jazz from the beginning of his musical career.  While initially inspired to learn the double bass from hearing the sounds of Charles Mingus and Paul Chambers, his musical direction changed when he heard Bottessini’s Elegy in D major.  Inspired, Lorenzo began his studies at the Conservatoire Niccolò Paganini in the his hometown of Genova and pursued a degree (cum laude) in both Literature and philosophy at the university while also graduating a year early from the conservatory as Maestro of the double bass.

His classical career has included tours in Europe and the US always acting as principal bassist of many classical orchestras such as the Savona Symphony, Chiavari Symphony, Accademia Janua Coeli Symphony, Belvedere Symphony, Milano Classical, Alessandria Classical, Asti Classical and the Sestrese Philharmonic orchestra among others.  Lorenzo Sandi continues his musical relationship with Maestro Andrea Lumachi, the pricipal bassist of the Carlo Felice theater who was a student of Maestro Ludwig Streicher.  He uses what he learns with Maestro Andrea Lumachi in his own teachings at the Filarmonica Sestrese School of Music and at the Giueseppe Conte Music School where he teaches the double bass.

In jazz, Lorenzo has collaborated with various big bands such as Bansigu big band,Torino big band, Conte big band, Big Borgo big band, OgJ big band and the Torino sax ensemble.  In festival he has attended Jazz In Ventimiglia( 2009), Jazz On The Road Brescia (2011), Sestri Jazz XI Edition (2011), 2nd Southern Tuscany International Festival of Music, Literature, Food and Wine (2011), 8th International Mandolin Festival (2005), Acustisanto Festival (2011), Festival dell’Inquietudine (2008), Open Jazz Club Palermo (2008-2010), Due Laghi Jazz Festival (2001-2002-2008-2009), Tuscia in Jazz (2007), Sansepolcro Jazz Festival (2008-2009),, Percorsi Sonori 4th Edition (2008), Notte Tempo nei Musei (2009), XX Concert Season Accademia Musicale Teresiana.  His performances also include sharing a stage with such luminaries such as Paul Jeffrey, Bill Smith, Dado Moroni, Giampaolo Casati, Luca Begonia, Francois Chassagnite, Jed Levy, Bobby Durham, Riccardo Zegna, Alessio Menconi, Alfredo Ferrario, Carlo Atti, George Garzone, Claudio Capurro and Andrea Pozza.

Lorenzo Sandi continually strives to find a place in the world where he is able to pursue both his passions, as a full time member of a prestigious classical orchestra while maintaining and perpetuating his presence in the jazz world.  For Lorenzo Sandi his participation in both jazz and classical helps him gain a more complete perspective of music in its essence.