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Gabriel Lubell


Gabriel Lubell is a doctoral student in music composition at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, from which he holds a master’s degree. He has studied composition at IU with Sven-David Sandström, P.Q. Phan, and Claude Baker. Previously, he earned a bachelor’s degree with honors from Vassar College where he studied with Richard Wilson and Suzanne Sorkin. His music has been heard in Italy, Sweden, and throughout the United States, and has won several awards. As an academic, Lubell has taught for the departments of Music Theory and Astronomy at IU. He maintains research interests in a variety of topics related to music in the long 18th century including issues of timbre/textural analysis, the writings of Diderot, and the music of Mozart and Anton Reicha. In addition to his musical life, he is a published astrophysicists with an MA from IU specializing in galactic structure and stellar populations of evolved globular clusters. >>>