Talia Dicker

Erica Dicker


Violinist Erica Dicker works in a wide variety of musical settings, spanning bridges between worlds of orchestral performance and experimental improvisation. She regularly contributes her talents to orchestras across the United States, such as the Grand Rapids Symphony, and serves as concertmaster of Anthony Braxton’s Trillium/Tri-Centric Orchestra. Erica is a founding member of the contemporary chamber music collective Till By Turning, violinist in Katherine Young’s Pretty Monsters, and frequently performs with Anthony Braxton’s Diamond Curtain Wall Quartet and 12+1-tet. She has premiered works by many composers including solo works written for her by Olivia Block, Turkar Gasimzada, Ryan Ingebritsen and Katherine Young. Erica also performs her own music, exploring the idiomatic modalities and textures of her instrument. A record documenting her solo music is currently in production as well as an album by Vaster Than Empires, an elecro-acoustic collaboration with composer and sound artist Paul Schuette. Erica earned degrees from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, the University of Minnesota, and is completing her doctoral studies at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Her primary teachers include Gabriel Pegis, Marilyn McDonald, and Jorja Fleezanis.